Privacy Policy

OLI-Works Privacy and Confidentiality Policies

Confidentiality policy

The OLI-works virtual office and meeting technologies that it uses together comprise a confidential work space where meeting participants (OLI-works facilitators and clients) can work together within a framework of trust that respects the privacy of each participant.  The dialogue and materials that are developed jointly within the OLI-works meetings are treated as confidential by OLI-works facilitators. OLI-works adheres to the following practices, for its real-time and non-real time meetings.

  • No one but the designated OLI-works facilitator(s) agreed to by a client for a meeting or project will have access to the related live meeting or relevant on-line discussions, documents,  contacts and calendar appointments.
  • No live recordings of real-time meetings are to be carried out or retained by OLI-works unless specifically agreed to, with the client.
  • At the request of the client, OLI-works consultants can develop, at cost, documents, presentations and spreadsheets for clients, or use materials that the client has developed.
  • OLI-works facilitators, as hosts and organizers of the on-line meeting, will make changes to presentations, documents and spreadsheets in response to comments conveyed by participants, and deliver the revised product promptly after the meeting.  OLI-works facilitators will Chair on-line meetings if requested by the client.

OLI-works requires its clients and related meeting participants to conform to the following.

  • Participants engaging in on-line dialogue should respect the virtual meeting room and office with its members and clients as a private, professional meeting area including other individuals. Hence, each member is responsible for monitoring their own information release as they would in any other, physical meeting of a quasi-public nature
  • Only the invited participant her/himself may use their access privileges to the on-line meeting or virtual office, unless permission to delegate has been sought and approved by other meeting or workgroup participants.
  • All non-real time discussions and related documents in the virtual office will be confidential to a given working group and its OLI-works facilitator (not visible to any other users of the virtual office other than the administrator).
  • In the case of non-real time meetings (the virtual office), meeting participants must not copy material within the site and send it outside the virtual office, the exception being the URLs for the public web links of the home page

Non-conformance by a participant will result in their removal by OLI-works. The above said, while OLI-works will make every effort to ensure conformance with its confidentiality policy, it is not liable for any non-conformance of a participant invited to its on-line meetings or virtual office. Notes

  1. Real-time meetings are conducted using Internet-based videoconferencing and screen sharing tools.  We use a bundle of tools depending on what is reliable and suitable for the task at hand.
  2. Non-real time meetings are conducted in our on-line, virtual office which is a Web-based extranet that allows for storage of discussions and documents, calendering, and other applications to assist with knowledge management.