Projects and Reports


January 2009 to date, for:

Further information available on request.

Published Reports

Publicly available reports relevant to our current work include the following:

2018 – Meg Barker and Janet Halliwell, “Big Science, Major Programs and International Dimensions”,  Chapter 5 in Jeff Kinder and Paul Dufour (eds.),  A Lantern on the Bow: A History of the Science Council of Canada and its Contributions to the Science and Innovation Policy Debate.

scientists working at the laboratoryDecember 2010 – A summary of the experience of the Canada Foundation for Innovation (CFI) with its Outcome Measurement Study, now published in Research Evaluation (Beech Tree Publishing).  While Director of Planning and Outcome Assessment at CFI, current network member Meg Barker provided initial impetus and design support.

December 2008 – A joint study between Meg Barker, formerly with the CFI, and Denys Cooper, Ph.D. formerly with the National Research Council of Canada on the impact of investment in research infrastructure in Canada, for university spin-off companies.  For a copy of the report, contact us.

Further reports  available on request.

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