2024 Pivotal Year for Global Clean Cooking

IEA Convenes Summit On Clean Cooking In Africa A major re-alignment of interest in one of the world’s most neglected areas of gender, energy, health and climate change has just taken place. It is estimated that over 800 million households in Africa use biomass–wood, charcoal, dung–for preparing meals, causing major respiratory and other health problems for the cooks and firewood

May 15th, 2024
by MBarker

OLi-Shakespeare for ESL

Cheer in a time of challenge There are reasons to be worried about current events and the state of the world, but sometimes it is important to take a break for learning and a laugh, especially with people outside our usual circles. At OLi-works we write original comedy plays to enable groups to get together on-line and develop their enunciation

Feb 12th, 2024
by MBarker