OLi Workshop: Climate Change and ICT

ICT and the Emerging Framework for Climate Change

This OLI workshop is presented by Mr. Arthur Levin, JD (bio here) and presently facilitated by Ms. Meg Barker (bio here, scroll down). It is aimed at organizations and professionals that need an improved or updated understanding of the rapidly evolving global policy and regulatory framework to address climate change, and additionally, the key role ICT (information and communication technology) is playing to adapt to and mitigate that change. The workshop includes inside analysis of the 2015 Paris Agreement and its implementation, and perspective on the impact of global political trends. Because our small group, on-line workshops allow for questions and answers (Q&A) and discussion, participants have an opportunity to develop a deeper understanding of a topic that is constantly changing, and being challenged on different sides.

Is this workshop for you?

The target audience includes municipal, provincial, state and federal government analysts and government decision-makers who are not fully up-to-speed and need a rapid briefing, delivered in an efficient manner, and where on-line networking and discussion are sought. Our target audience also includes knowledge-based business – in advanced and developing countries – whose products, process innovations and services are, or may be, subject to climate change regulations, or those that work in the ICT area. Also likely to benefit from this OLI workshop are NGOs who need a better understanding of how ICT can contribute to mitigation and adaptation to climate change.


The OLI workshop and take-away webinar series includes 3, 1-hour  live, on-line sessions that comprise both a presentation and a discussion period. In addition to Q&A, the workshops encourage peer-peer learning and small group networking on-line. You can take 1, 2 or all 3 of the workshops.

If you have a high-speed Internet connection and up-to-date device (computer, laptop, smart phone, tablet) you can join our workshops from anywhere in the world. The “as is”, recorded webinar portions are made available after the workshops and can be downloaded at your convenience.

The following three sub-topics are offered:

FCC&ICT Workshop 1 – The history of negotiations toward a global climate change framework.  Analysis of the 2015 Paris Agreement and its implementation, including the key policy/regulatory developments at the national and local level. The impact of the 2020 US election on these global efforts.

FCC&ICT Workshop 2 – The consequences for the planet of climate change and policy actions that lead to effective solutions.

FCC&ICT Workshop 3 – The use of ICTs to combat climate change:  strategies and opportunities.

This workshop can be offered in either English or French. Consequently, it can serve as a source of language practice while also conveying key and timely information for those that in need of it.


Normally each live workshop costs CAD $50.00 plus applicable taxes per individual, assuming a small group. However, for larger groups or corporate-level training, and NGOs, discounts may be negotiated. “As is” recordings of each workshop will also be provided to participants.

Payment is usually made in advance, by Paypal or e-payment.  Receipts will be issued.


For more information and to register, please contact us by filling out our form.

Sep 11th, 2015

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