OLI-works: building virtual teams

Meg Barker

Need on-line help?

Are you an individual professional, home-based business, nascent non-profit, corporation needing last-minute training or network of collaborators, but without an engagement specialist or support for ICT (information and communication technology)? Do you need professional polish to aid your on-line presentations or to keep your virtual team engaged?  Is it too early to hire in-house staff or technical experts who leave you mystified?

If you answered “yes” to any of the foregoing questions, OLI-works could help you.  We are seasoned consultants with backgrounds in science, technology and innovation, PLUS experience in introducing ICT in all aspects of our work.  We wish to help others join the digital revolution. We have work experiences from around the world, where all kinds of variables operate, but our goal is to get on-line and collaborate with others. We may be able to help you market your services, discuss and debate with colleagues, or conduct a project with distributed partners. Our founder is Meg Barker.

Free trials of our service

Come and see what we’re about. We offer two free, one-hour orientation sessions on-line. For the first hour, you will be introduced to our technical platform and be guided through our own, OLI-works presentation. Then we’ll have an on-line discussion. You can ask us to invite up to five people to this on-line meeting, from across the city, the region, the country or the world. You need only alert your colleagues in advance, and provide us with their Email addresses.

For the second hour, we hand the torch over to you. What is the goal you wish to reach, as an individual or as a team? We do the invitations, facilitate your presentation, and produce a mini-webinar recording for your own self-assessment. At your request, we share the results of this initial scoping session with your collaborators.

Click here for more information on assembling a virtual team, or creating your own on-line, interactive (OLI) workshop and webinar.

Cost-effective pricing

We negotiate a price with you depending on your needs. Basic ICT support and facilitation services start at CAD $50.00 per hour plus applicable taxes.

Management consulting, the preparation of concept papers or materials, OLI workshop and webinar production and other expert services are provided at competitive prices as we keep our overhead low. If you are an individual professional, bundles can be negotiated with us to lower your costs. If you are working with a team, the charge can be split among participants, and payment is made efficiently through an on-line process.

In sum, we can do much more than provide an on-line ICT support and facilitation service. But you may need to get to know us first, and the on-line context in which we work. Afterwards, you can decide on what comes next.

Nov 27th, 2017

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