An instant OLi briefing

Currently on the same continent – introductions, networking, briefings

At our last free OLi Demo, more members in our virtual team had an opportunity to meet one another and compare notes on our experiences working in Africa and elsewhere. Present from left going clockwise were Meg Barker in Kelowna, BC; Richard Labelle in Aylmer, QC, having returned from Ivory Coast; Art Levin in Miami area, Florida; George Emery in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada; and Shlomo Orr in Kennewick, Washington State, USA.  Briefings on the status of governance for climate change (or not) were exchanged, and we left more informed than one hour earlier.

Benefit from the OLi team and platform

If you wish a last-minute briefing from one or more experts — possibly people we know, or you know, or other experts we can reach — contact us and we’ll advise you if we can help, and what it would cost. Our team is on the move, but members can often tune in from wherever they are.

May 9th, 2018

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