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OLi workshop: project M&E and RBM

Monitoring and Evaluation of Overseas Aid Projects Recently Ms. Anne Gillies, an independent consulting professional and expert on monitoring and evaluation, collaborated with Ms. Meg Barker in the production of a hybrid (live and on-line) OLi workshop on Results-Based Management (RBM), applied to overseas development projects.  They were hired by the Global Empowerment Coalition of the Central Okanagan (GECCO) to

May 27th, 2019
by MBarker

An instant OLi briefing

Currently on the same continent – introductions, networking, briefings At our last free OLi Demo, more members in our virtual team had an opportunity to meet one another and compare notes on our experiences working in Africa and elsewhere. Present from left going clockwise were Meg Barker in Kelowna, BC; Richard Labelle in Aylmer, QC, having returned from Ivory Coast;

May 9th, 2018
by MBarker