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OLi STI4CC community of interest – a pilot

Platform for Policy and Development Professionals Drawing from some of the experts providing our on-line, interactive (OLi) workshops, and adding new ones, in June 2021 we launched a knowledge network and platform that is an amplification of our existing  “Science, Technology and Innovation for Climate Change (ST4CC)” virtual team. The pilot subscription plan of CAD$25 ran for a twelve-week period

May 18th, 2021
by MBarker

2.8 billion still cooking with biomass

Reality check on cooking in low income countries Many cooks and diners around the world take their cooking appliances, and often meals, for granted. Inhabitants of high income economies (that are not at war) may not reflect on the effort involved in preparing food where there is no electricity or a handy propane tank and barbecue. However, some 2.8 billion

Dec 12th, 2020
by MBarker