Spanish, in the summer (2022)

OLi-works Conversational Spanish

If you find it challenging to travel at this time, maybe sprucing up your language skills will stave off frustration or boredom, and help you make new friends in distant places.

At OLi-works, we continue with our informal, conversational language workshops at intermediate level. Details about our language workshops are here (scroll down to workshops at item “E”). We find that regular meetings to practice speaking and presenting, and becoming acquainted with new people at various locations, provides the needed discipline, but the workshops are also fun and don’t involve leaving home. (Though of course you can tune in from your cottage or tent if you have high-speed Internet.)

Also, participants are able to develop and practice on-line presenting in their target language with a friendly audience. Being able to make on-line presentations is quickly becoming a vital skill for many work-seekers, entrepreneurs, consultants and others. If this is all new to you, or you feel shy about it, we are eager to help you.

On the topic of Spanish, at the moment we are operating two series of conversation improvement workshops. One series is aided by Latin American facilitators from Colombia with a time to be determined in consultation with learners like you. The other series, on Tuesdays at 2:30pm EST, is animated by Spanish trainers in Spain.

Our Spanish facilitator David spent the last academic year in Comillas, Spain and gave us the grand tour.  If you want to watch the recorded video, or would like more information, let us know by contacting us here, or writing us at

Jul 1st, 2022

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