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Electric Clean Cooking and Cooling

Reality check on cooking in low income countries Many cooks and diners around the world take their cooking appliances, and often meals, for granted. Inhabitants of industrialized economies no longer reflect on the effort involved in preparing food where there is no electricity or a handy propane tank and barbecue. However, some 2.8 billion people on the planet, mainly women

Dec 12th, 2020
by MBarker

IPCC Founder Succumbs to COVID-19

About Dr. John Houghton An obituary describing Dr. John Houghton’s remarkable life and leadership in designing instruments to measure climate change, and communicating effectively so governments could understand the phenomenon, is described in this Nature article, here. He died from complications related to Covid-19. He was clearly not a purely technical man. Among his many qualities was an ability to pull

May 23rd, 2020
by MBarker