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OLi STI4CC community of interest – a pilot

Platform for Policy and Development Professionals Drawing from some of the experts providing our on-line, interactive (OLi) workshops, and adding new ones, in June 2021 we launched a knowledge network and platform that is an amplification of our existing  “Science, Technology and Innovation for Climate Change (ST4CC)” virtual team. The pilot subscription plan of CAD$25 ran for a twelve-week period

May 18th, 2021
by MBarker

Mini-list: Covid-19 & gov’t response

Introduction to the science and response to Covid-19 We suggest the following materials to help you understand viruses and pathogenic microbes generally, and the novel coronavirus in particular. These resources will also aid an understanding on how a virus, not previously dangerous to humans, can become pathogenic through the passage from other species into human populations. Finally, we have selected

Apr 20th, 2020
by MBarker