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In rehearsal

Below are some draft interview rehearsals that will be constantly improved and refreshed.  Simply click to play the audio files from your computer.

You can also listen to them as a podcast if you like. Using your mobile phone, go to this page on our website (expand with your fingers to see). Plug in your headset, and click play on any of the audio files.

Note: This is an ongoing project!  You’re invited to play any of the roles in these interviews, as well as the developing play adaptation.  Contact us.

Tell me more.

OLI-works has decided on the Merry Wives of Windsor as the first play to adapt into a modern version.

1) Ted has been referred to OLI-works but is uncertain about what it is.

2) Someone named Iz asks about gift cards at OLI-works.

3) Ted calls OLI-works again for more details.

4) Kay has been given an OLI-works gift card, but she needs to test videoconferencing first.

5) Ted figures he should call OLI-works one more time; maybe give them a chance.

6) Is it Iz, or the friend of Iz?  Whoever it is, they are back to OLI-works for more information.

7) Dr. Caius Demoutarde rehearsed with OLI-works, and now wants to buy a gift card for a friend.

8) Mr. Dmitri Lebedev, a graduate of an OLI-workshop series, might consider another one.

Want to try some voice acting, yourself?

For the curious, interested or anyone needing a laugh … you are invited to read the different roles in these interviews, or take other roles in the developing script. For $10.00, and from your favourite armchair, you can mingle with us on-line for an hour, meet our professional and amateur voice actors, and exercise your elocution. Or, you can buy an OLI-works gift card and nudge a friend or family member to go, or come together.

Everyone is friendly!  You simply join us for rehearsals by tuning in to a videoconference platform (Zoom) whose log-in access we provide.

Our current timing for rehearsals is 9:00pm ET on Wednesdays. To determine what time the workshops are held in your own time zone, check the World Clock Meeting Planner.  However we may be able to accommodate groups at different times.  Contact us to learn more.

The Three Wise Wives of Windsor – an Adaptation

Actors, OLI workshop participants: to access the draft play readings, click this link, and enter the password.