About the author, Chrystia Freeland

Bio, Ms. Chrystia Freeland

Chrystia Freeland was born in Peace River, Alberta. She has a Bachelor of Arts earned at Harvard University, and a Master of Arts from Oxford University, UK, having won a Rhodes Scholarship. Along with English, she speaks Ukrainian, Russian, Italian and French.

Ms. Freeland launched her career in journalism, starting as a freelance correspondent based in Ukraine. She wrote for the Financial Times, The Washington Post and The Economist. Later, she moved to London, UK, to work for the Financial Times, and was subsequently posted to Moscow, working as bureau chief and Eastern Europe correspondent. Ms. Freeland returned to Canada in 1999 to work as deputy editor of the Globe and Mail in Toronto until 2001. She returned to the Financial Times to take up a position as deputy editor in London, and later moved to the US to work as its managing editor. In 2010 Ms. Freeland accepted a position as managing director and editor at the  news service of Thomson Reuters media corporation.

In 2013 Ms. Freeland began a political career and was elected as a Liberal Member of Parliament for Toronto Centre in July. After the Liberals took power in 2015, she served as Minister of International Trade (2015-17), and Minister of Foreign Affairs (2017-2019).

Ms. Freeland is the author of two books, whose full titles are: Sale of the Century: The Inside Story of the Second Russion Revolution (2000); and Plutocrats: The Rise of the New Global Super-rich and the Fall of Everyone Else (2012).

Ms. Freeland is married with three children.

Current sources: Government of Canada, and Wikipedia (subject to public editing)