What to expect at our OLI Language Workshops

Simple Format

The facilitator(s) and attendees*:

  Introduce themselves (eg. where they live, or have lived, work, interests, etc.). Their exact introduction could change, week by week.

❖ Discuss the weather in their locales and thoughts on climate change.

  Possibly discuss the impact of the coronavirus pandemic in their life and/or community.

  Present or watch the short presentations of others, ask questions and discuss.

If there is further time, we will chose one or more of the following:

  Discuss movies and books accessible on the Internet in the chosen language.

  Share information about language resources on the Internet for learning, reading and listening.

*Some attendees may wish to stay silent for the first few workshops. That is fine.

Different people

For any given session the mix of attendees can be different, so learners potentially benefit from amplified networking and insights into the routes that others are taking to gain language mastery.

Expert speakers

August 17th, 2021 – Ms. Liz Romo of Ciclomanias in Calgary gave an expert talk to participants at our Spanish workshop. She spoke about community-level waste reduction and management, specifically their Zero Waste Ambassador at Home Program. She also discussed her company’s twinned approach between clients in Canada and Mexico. See a description on our blog, here.

To view video recordings of our expert talks, please contact us for the password.   We welcome more experts so if you wish to address a group in any of French, Spanish or Swedish (or some other language), let us know.  We will discuss your ideas and objectives to see if we can help.

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