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OLI-works: the basics

Need on-line help? Are you an individual professional, home-based business, nascent non-profit, corporation needing last-minute training or network of collaborators, but without an engagement specialist or support for ICT (information and communication technology)? Do you need professional polish to aid your on-line presentations or to keep your virtual team engaged?  Is it too early to hire in-house staff or technical

Nov 27th, 2017
by MBarker

Try it out – free OLI Demos

Our free OLI Demo Starting in February 2019, we will resume our free, on-line, interactive (OLI ©) demonstrations that take place every two weeks, with an updated Preview of one of our existing workshops (see below). There is no obligation for anything. You simply get to meet us, on-line. As for benefits, you can learn about our process for OLI

Nov 18th, 2016
by MBarker