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An instant OLI Briefing

Currently on the same continent – introductions, networking, briefings At our last free OLI Demo for the season, more members in our virtual team had an opportunity to meet one another and compare notes on our experiences working in Africa and elsewhere. Present from left going clockwise were Meg Barker in Kelowna, BC; Richard Labelle in Aylmer, QC, having returned

May 9th, 2018
by MBarker

About our OLI Demos

What happens at a live OLI Demo? Attendees log into our meeting platform from their device (a computer, tablet or smart phone) using an access link we provide. Attendees might be at home, at a café with wireless access or at work (though not behind a firewall). Ideally, everyone wears a headset with a microphone, to reduce ambient noise. We

Jan 31st, 2018
by MBarker