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OLi-Shakespeare for ESL

Cheer in a time of challenge There are reasons to be worried about current events and the state of the world, but sometimes it is important to take a break for learning and a laugh, especially with people outside our usual circles. At OLi-works we write original comedy plays to enable groups to get together on-line and develop their enunciation

Feb 12th, 2024
by MBarker

Synthesis of Summit4CI – Part One

BioCanRx and the Summit for Cancer Immunotherapy Professional curiosity and the usual marketing As a person originally trained in cell biology and biochemistry, and a keen follower of developments around the life sciences (as well as energy and climate change), I was fairly sure that I would enjoy the 2023 Canadian Summit for Cancer Immunotherapy, called “Summit4CI”. This yearly Summit

Feb 2nd, 2024
by MBarker