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OLi French features an NGO in Benin

  ONG Espoir de la famille The non-governmental organization Espoir de la famille (EPFONG), based in Porto-Novo, Benin, was featured at our OLi workshop in conversational French, March 9th, 2023.   Louis Sovi is a program director for EPFONG, and he gave a presentation to our group. EPFONG was founded in 1998, with the objective to meet health and community development

Mar 12th, 2023
by MBarker

Re-boot of OLi-works French 2023

French conversation: for work, play and the intellect Our OLi-works French conversation series in French has begun for 2023. Helen Wilson, based at different locations in France, will be our facilitator this year. Helen has worked as a language instructor at a not-for profit in France; a research and development (R&D) non-government organization (NGO) which supported researchers examining the human-machine

Feb 23rd, 2023
by MBarker